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  1. Clever Fit - Image Pool

    27 Feb 2019

    Here comes some new work I shot for clever fit in Munich last summer.We photographed 70 different images over the course of 6 shooting days.The goal was to generate an image pool for the company to choose from a large variety of images for their advertisement over the next couple of…

  2. Nivea MicellAir

    25 Jun 2018

    Last November I shot some beauty images for Nivea MicellAir at the Cinegate Studios in Berlin.Here is my favorite image from this shoot. Many thanks to my lovely team for making everything work Client: BeiersdorfProduct: Nivea MicellAir Skin BreathAgency: FCB HamburgProduction: SOUP FilmCreative Director: Bruno MotaMake Up: Loni BaurStyling: Tabassom CharafHair: Jochen PahsModel: Leonie Höller (Louisa Models)Assistants:…

  3. Nivea Urban Skin

    17 May 2018

    Last August I photographed images for the new Nivea Urban Skin campaign on a beautiful sunny day in Berlin. I was the photographer on set of the TVC production for this product. The following images are my personal favorites from this shoot. We shot on a rooftop in Berlin Mitte and…

  4. Clever Fit - Workout

    23 Apr 2018

    This is Part 2 of my selection of images from the TVC production for Clever Fit. We were shooting for three days in Munich in different locations and studios. I was the photographer on set to capture images during this production.Here are a few images from our fitness set ups… Client: Clever FitAgency: ServiceplanProduction: NeverestDirectors: Jessica Benzing…

  5. Clever Fit - Boss Girls

    13 Apr 2018

    In October 2017 I had the pleasure of being a part of the production for the new TVC for Clever Fit. We were shooting for three days in Munich in different locations and studios. I was the photographer on set to capture images during the production. These three days were super…

  6. Nivea Q10

    09 Mar 2017

    Last year in August Black Pearl Film was producing a TV commercial for Beiersdorf. I was shooting the stills for this production. The goal was to shoot alongside the film camera to achieve a similar look between the TVC and the photos. We were shooting one day close to Munich in…

  7. Maximilian Magnus

    21 Sep 2016

    In July I shot my first commercial job for Nivea in Portugal. During a break on one of the production days I took some quick portraits of our male model Maximilian. The morning light was just perfect, so my job was quite easy Besides being a great model, Max is also a very…

  8. Sparkasse - Mittelstand ist einfach

    05 Apr 2016

    In February I got asked to shoot a campaign for Sparkasse alongside a film production by Black Pearl Film.We were shooting at three locations in Germany over a time period of 10 days.The film team was shooting short films about the bosses of three different medium-sized businesses and how the…

  9. DPD

    07 Sep 2015

    Back in May I shot part of a campaign for DPD in Frankfurt.The guys from Filmhafen were shooting a commercial and got me on board to shoot the stills for this project Here are some of my favourites from this production… Big thanks to my wonderful team! agency: Filmhafen hair &…

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