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Posts tagged with Bo-Lelewel

  1. Rügenwalder Mühle

    2024-05-27 11:03:08 UTC

    In March I went to Mallorca to photograph the summer campaign for Rügenwalder Mühle. Alex Eslam directed the TVC and I shot the still images for this project. We had some beautiful sunny days on the island and I am quite happy with the pictures. Here are my favorites from…

  2. Infineon

    2024-01-18 13:43:30 UTC

    A couple of months ago I got to shoot a very nice project for Infineon’s Green Power Solutions on the west coast of Finland. It was a challenging day, shooting outdoors in extreme wind, rain and sun. These weather conditions led to some really nice light and I am very…

  3. Accelleron

    2023-05-24 13:13:22 UTC

    At the end of last year I was contacted by the nice people at Serviceplan Zurich. They asked if I would be interested in photographing a new campaign for their industrial client Accelleron.They are the world’s leading manufacturer of turbochargers - a device that makes engines more powerful and efficient…

  4. Fraport

    2023-03-21 07:57:48 UTC

    I am happy to share some new work for Fraport. I had the pleasure of shooting in and around the airport for a few days, documenting a lot of different things. This is a little glimpse into the daily life of the more than 80.000 employees at Frankfurt Airport. I…

  5. Nivea - Skin Moments

    2023-02-21 14:23:50 UTC

    In September last year I was hired to photograph new images for Nivea in Hamburg.The final campaign image can be seen right now at many PoS locations throughout Europe.Many thanks to the great team!Client: NiveaAgency: Publicis One TouchProduction: SpeedballSenior Art Director: Sandra BirkemeyerCopywriter: Teresa KleinschmidtHair & Make Up: Josie Martens…

  6. B12 Ankermann

    2023-01-23 19:19:37 UTC

    Last year I had the opportunity to photograph a nice project in Barcelona. It is a classic before and after campaign with initially tired and exhausted protagonists, who are bursting with vitality and energy after taking B12 Ankermann. Together with the film production Namoto and Serviceplan Health we realized these…

  7. WW - Wellbeing

    2022-06-12 12:46:20 UTC

    A few months ago I was asked to photograph a very nice project for WW in Hamburg. The film production Simon & Paul was shooting the TVC and I shot the campaign photos for this project. The focus is on real WW members, enjoying their lives in different situations. Here…

  8. Bader

    2022-04-18 22:39:26 UTC

    A week before Christmas last year, I was invited to fly to Barcelona for my last job in 2021. The film production Namoto was shooting a commercial for Bader and I was asked to take the photos for this project. For one scene, countless flowers were draped in the living…

  9. Nivea - Micellar Energy

    2022-02-23 20:13:04 UTC

    Last summer I was hired to shoot new beauty portraits for Nivea in Berlin. For one of the images we needed flying water splashes hitting our model. Nik Kotowski and Chris Munteanu, who were responsible for the TVC, built a machine that allows you to burst water bombs in a…

  10. WMF - Julia Komp

    2022-01-10 09:41:23 UTC

    Last summer I was invited to join star chef Julia Komp on a culinary journey through Andalusia. Together with a small film crew we went to various markets, visited food producers, saw many of the beautiful landscapes of the region and watched Julia Komp cook some delicious meals. The project…

  11. Bang & Olufsen - BeoSonic

    2021-11-02 11:33:41 UTC

    At the beginning of this year I was hired to shoot a very cool job for Bang & Olufsen, that I am finally able to publish. B&O makes a special sound system for certain Ford models including the Ford Kuga and Ford Puma, which are featured in these images. We…

  12. Suzana & Anastassija

    2021-09-14 14:01:56 UTC

    A few months ago I was contacted by the models Suzana Grebenar & Anastassija Makarenko. They asked me, if I would like to do a test shooting with them. I felt very flattered and happily agreed, so we planned a session in a studio in Frankfurt. We tried a few…


    2021-08-23 16:11:59 UTC

    The project “COVID ZONE” shows portraits of hospital workers who work at the corona station of the University Hospital in Frankfurt. These people represent nurses & doctors around the world, who are risking their own health to help others in times of the pandemic The medical care professions are particularly…

  14. Nivea is for everyone

    2021-05-05 08:55:00 UTC

    Last year I photographed a really nice job for Nivea in Hamburg, that I would like to share now. Across generations, genders, sexual orientations and skin colors the brand celebrates togetherness. The featured product is the special rainbow edition of the classic Nivea cream can. Alongside the film production for…

  15. Cape Town 2020

    2021-01-18 09:50:10 UTC

    Almost one year ago, when Corona was only a smaller topic on the news, I was in Cape Town for two weeks. I photographed some landscapes and did a quick test shoot with Panna on Clifton Beach. After Christmas I finally had some time to go through the images and…

  16. Vorwerk - Kobold

    2020-07-07 09:13:59 UTC

    Here comes the second part of images that I photographed for Vorwerk a few months ago in Barcelona. I was there together with a film production from Neverest. We were shooting three different stories on four days, highlighting their whole product range. Here are a few images from one of…

  17. Nivea - Rising Star

    2020-05-27 15:12:00 UTC

    In the middle of March, shortly before the big Corona Lockdown, I was in Berlin to shoot some new work for Nivea. I was the photographer on set of the TVC production for this campaign.My briefing was to shoot portraits of our main talent as well as some product shots…

  18. Vorwerk - Temial

    2020-02-16 15:34:42 UTC

    Two months ago I had the pleasure of shooting images for Vorwerk in Barcelona. I was there together with a film production from Neverest. We were shooting three different stories on four days highlighting their whole product range. Here are a few images from one of our stories,which is focused…

  19. Curtis

    2019-11-04 09:12:06 UTC

    Here comes some new personal work I shot with my friend Curtis. I wanted to experiment with long exposures in the studio, mixing flash and constant light to create interesting effects in camera.

  20. Merz Aesthetics

    2019-10-04 11:30:49 UTC

    Last year I took a lot of portraits for Merz Aesthetics. With the help of Filmhafen we photographed individuals before and after a beauty treatment over the course of three shootings in Frankfurt. Here is a small selection of my favorite images from this job. A big thank you to…

  21. Philipp

    2019-09-24 13:28:00 UTC

    Two weeks ago I photographed some new personal work with my friend Philipp. I had the opportunity to get my hands on the latest SUV from Rolls Royce for a few hours. Since I am not an automotive photographer I focused more on taking portraits and using the car as…

  22. Nivea Q10 - Plus C

    2019-08-08 10:34:00 UTC

    Some time ago I photographed images for the Nivea Q10 - Plus C campaign in Palma de Mallorca. I was the photographer on set of the TVC production for this product.The following images are my personal favorites from this shoot.They were taken at Central Studios Mallorca and in the streets…

  23. Celina

    2019-03-16 11:15:14 UTC

    A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Phase One to try out their latest camera. Of course I happily agreed to do that. I was also contacted by Core Management,if I was interested in doing a test shoot with one of their models. So I combined both things and…

  24. Nivea MicellAir

    2018-06-25 11:45:19 UTC

    Last November I shot some beauty images for Nivea MicellAir at the Cinegate Studios in Berlin.Here is my favorite image from this shoot. Many thanks to my lovely team for making everything work Client: BeiersdorfProduct: Nivea MicellAir Skin BreathAgency: FCB HamburgProduction: SOUP FilmCreative Director: Bruno MotaMake Up: Loni BaurStyling: Tabassom…

  25. Nivea Urban Skin

    2018-05-17 08:48:22 UTC

    Last August I photographed images for the new Nivea Urban Skin campaign on a beautiful sunny day in Berlin. I was the photographer on set of the TVC production for this product. The following images are my personal favorites from this shoot. We shot on a rooftop in Berlin Mitte…

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