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Merz Aesthetics

Last year I took a lot of portraits for Merz Aesthetics. With the help of Filmhafen we photographed individuals before and after a beauty treatment over the course of three shootings in Frankfurt. Here is a small selection of my favorite images from this job. A big thank you to the entire team!

Client: Merz Aesthetics
Agency: Filmhafen
Production: Filmhafen
Make Up: Melli Horn, Nadine Klier
Assistant: Sinah Osner

Making of images by my fantastic assistant Sinah Osner. 


Two weeks ago I photographed some new personal work with my friend Philipp. I had the opportunity to get my hands on the latest SUV from Rolls Royce for a few hours. Since I am not an automotive photographer I focused more on taking portraits and using the car as a prop. A big thank you to the agency BOLD for making it possible to shoot with this special car and to my friend Timur for assisting me on that day!

Nivea Q10 - Plus C

Some time ago I photographed images for the Nivea Q10 - Plus C campaign in Palma de Mallorca. I was the photographer on set of the TVC production for this product.
The following images are my personal favorites from this shoot.
They were taken at Central Studios Mallorca and in the streets of Palma.
Thank you to everyone involved in this project!

Client: Beiersdorf
Product: Nivea Q10 Plus C
Agency: FCB Hamburg
Production: Tempomedia
Director: Anders Hallberg
DOPAril Wretblad
Creative Directors: Mikki Brunner, Bruno Mota
Model: Johanna Feldmeier (Maril Agency)


And here is the film from Tempomedia

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