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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Phase One to try out their latest camera. Of course I happily agreed to do that. I was also contacted by Core Management,
if I was interested in doing a test shoot with one of their models. So I combined both things and shot some new beauty portraits with Celina in Frankfurt. Here are my four
favorite images from this shoot. Many thanks to my lovely team for the help!

Hair & Make Up: Melli Horn
Styling: Panna Szabó
Model: Celina Krohn
Agency: Core Management

Clever Fit - Image Pool

Here comes some new work I shot for clever fit in Munich last summer.
We photographed 70 different images over the course of 6 shooting days.
The goal was to generate an image pool for the company to choose from a large variety of images for their advertisement over the next couple of years.
Here comes a small selection of my personal favorites from this production.
Thank you so much to my great team!

Client: clever fit
Agency: Serviceplan
Production: Agent Janina (Janina Ebner von Eschenbach)
Creative Director: Christian Sommer
Senior Art Director: Franziska Neumann
Make Up: Andrea Wild
Styling: Janina Ebner von Eschenbach
Assistants: Nicolas Beaumont, Gideon van der Watt
Models: Dominique Busch, Nadine Beck, Julie van Ysendyck, Christian Hacker,
Josef Al-Maleh, Jonathan van Spankeren, Tobias Plail, Mareike Skara, Colleen Schneider 

Nivea MicellAir

Last November I shot some beauty images for Nivea MicellAir at the Cinegate Studios in Berlin.
Here is my favorite image from this shoot. Many thanks to my lovely team for making everything work.

Client: Beiersdorf
Product: Nivea MicellAir Skin Breath
Agency: FCB Hamburg
Production: SOUP Film
Creative Director: Bruno Mota
Make Up: Loni Baur
Styling: Tabassom Charaf
Hair: Jochen Pahs
Model: Leonie Höller (Louisa Models)
Assistants: Sebastian Stöhr, Simon Mayr

And here are some behind the scenes images by my second assistant - Simon Mayr

Nivea Urban Skin

Last August I photographed images for the new Nivea Urban Skin campaign on a beautiful sunny day in Berlin. I was the photographer on set of the TVC production for this product. The following images are my personal favorites from this shoot. We shot on a rooftop in Berlin Mitte and by a lake close to the city. Thank you to everyone involved in this project!

Client: Beiersdorf
Product: Nivea Urban Skin
Agency: FCB Hamburg
Production: SOUP Film
Directors: Oliver Venturini
DOP: Arnaud Stefani
Creative Director: Mikki Brunner
Make Up: Nina Park
Models: Anna Maria Nemetz, Adriana Novakov, Romane Portail, Farina de la Fontaine, Hans Gürbig

This is how Nivea used my images on their different websites

The following image was shot for a different product called Nivea MicellAir Expert, but with the same model on the next day

And here is the official TVC by Soup Film

Clever Fit - Workout

This is Part 2 of my selection of images from the TVC production for Clever Fit. We were shooting for three days in Munich in different locations and studios. I was the photographer on set to capture images during this production.
Here are a few images from our fitness set ups…

Client: Clever Fit
Agency: Serviceplan
Production: Neverest
Directors: Jessica Benzing & Max Gerlach
DOPLuis de Maia
Creative Director: Christian Sommer
Models: Imke Salander, Agnes Fischer, Marco Herpich, Rummelsnuff

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